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Winter 2013

Happy 2013 everyone! This will be a better year than 2012!

This site will be undergoing a major remake soon, so keep your eyes peeled. One thing i have in mind is a database of all my recordings. At any rate I need to work on my Drupal skills and will be installing WYSIWYG, Views, and some other modules to help me out. Stay tuned!

If I'm Ancient

Death from Beyond the Grave

Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Beware of Falling Rock

The Pros and Cons of Spaceships

Baroque In Voltage


Summer 2012

Welcome to my website! Please keep in mind that this will be a work-in-progress.

As of today, I have updated Video, Music, and Resume. Video features include 2 publicly published videos and 2 separate series of experimental motion graphics and editing techniques. Music features my performance on The Late Show with David Letterman. The resume featured is current up to and beyond June of 2012.

Resume 2012

Adam Blake Bruneau
(404) 966 1227

Typing: 71 words per minute.
Data Entry: 13000 Keystrokes per hour.
OS: MS-DOS, Apple IIe, Windows 95-7 64bit, Apple OS, OSX Ubuntu
Production software: Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Ableton Live!, CoolEdit Pro, FL Studio

Experience Job History


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